Thursday, 14 February 2013

Mr.Crowley - Ozzy Osbourne

Mr.Crowley is a 1980 heavy hard rock song performed by Ozzy Osbourne released on the album Blizzard of Ozz. The song was inspired by books about Edward Alexander Crowley which Ozzy Osbourne had read, and deck of tarot cards that he found in the studio. Aleister Crowley was an English Occultist and mountaineer who had links to many cults, setting up the Thelemite religion.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Bruno Mars- It Will Rain


It will rain from the film The Twilight Saga- Breaking dawn Part.1(2011). Bruno Mars described song as"think of the darker side of love." The torment of heartbreak in the lyric, Bruno through the different emotions to show the love. When I heard this song, I was attracted by his voice and music.  Actually, I prefer the live version compared to the music video. Because, I can directly feel the real emotions of his music. So, close your eyes, listen to the song with your heart.

It Will Rain 'Live'- The X Factor US 2


This is the live from The X Factor.

The Masonic Music Industry & the Occult in Hip hop music

Documentary on Masonic and Occultic activities in Music by Anton Lawrence Part 1

The hip hop music industry has been dominated with music artistes who are engaging in occultic and satanic activities in exchange for fame,wealth and power. They portray and use satanic symbols,pictures and activities in their music to deceive and convince their target audiences into following them and believing in what they stand for. Most of their music lyrics depicts scenes and language of violence,sex,murder,profane language and other indecent behaviour which i think is not a good thing for the youth to follow and endorse. I believe we really need to be careful of what we listen to because music really has a strong influence on our behaviour,character and mood whether we like it or not.

Monday, 11 February 2013

Gospel Music Festival

      Hillsong United- Solution track
This gospel song festival by this music group was an outreach program for them to spread the message of Christianity to people across the countries that they visited which is depicted on the screens in their live performance and, they have touched people's lives positively through their song ministration. The purpose of music i know is to make positive impacts in the society and this gospel group has done so in places where they perform by spreading the gospel of salvation and encouraging people to change their lives for the best by trusting in God.