Sunday, 24 February 2013

Anyband-Talk Play Love+ Promise U

Anyband is promotional band formed by Samsung 's Anycall, which promoted their product "AnyBand"new cell phones. This musical group is released by South Korean in 2007, this band consists of Boa, Xiah Junsu (JYJ), Tablo (Epik High) and jazz pianist Jin Bora. This is the fourth Anycall music drama from Samsung, a series of music videos and commercials that promotes their cellphones with popular stars. The motto for this campaign is "Talk Play Love". While most people believe that technology will isolates people, Samsung opted to promote the concept that technology unites people.

This commercial was shot in Brazil, It's including Talk, Play, Love and Promise U two songs .The main theme is: This is the silent world, the law is for "No Talk, No Play, No Love", and the citizens are strictly controlled and monitored by their government. However, four individuals form a secret alliance to challenge the government's power. They keep in contact with each other through use of their Anycall cellphones, and "Talk, Play, Love" is their motto. They use music to encourage people to resist the dictator, and to fight for their own freedom. Music to save the world!

I will put no subtitle and english subtitle two different version on this post. 

1.Anyband- Talk Play Love+ Promise U (Full Version, No subtitle)

2.Anyband- Talk Play Love+ Promise U (English Subtitle)

This English subtitle version is only I can found, the video is not very clear, sorry for this.

3. This is the advertising of Anycall, only have one minute.

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