Saturday, 23 February 2013

Drummer of Dream Theater: Portnoy or Mangini?

Ever since Mike Portnoy left Dream Theater and Mike Mangini joined Dream Theater through a widely publicized audition, there has been an ongoing debate about who is the best drummer for Dream Theater.

Do we need to continue this discussion? I mean really, these two Mike(s) are a part of world renowned drummers whom which have their own style of playing and history. Both had their fair share of progressive, rock, and metal drumming which includes broken beats, odd counts and all that falls in between. But these two have their differences also.

Mike Portnoy is mostly self-taught while Mike Mangini learned it from school. Portnoy is a very powerful player while Mangini is very technical and precise. Both have played in a metal band, jazz band and pure progressive band. Both are session players whom have played with various virtuosos.

Coming to that, nowadays fans are still going about who is the best while in my opinion both should have their own place in Dream Theater history. Portnoy chose to leave and the band chose to continue without him and picked Mangini. Mike Portnoy have founded and put foundations to Dream Theater music and Mike Mangini have come to continue Portnoy’s legacy with his own mark.

Sure you wanna straightaway compare their drumming with the latest album, A Dramatic Turn Of Events, which is not fair. Why? Because Mangini have yet to put his own mark and signature to it. Petrucci composed all the drums for the album and Mangini only played it with his style. You wanna compare Mangini playing back catalogue? Not fair also because its Portnoy’s and Mangini constantly said that he is going to respect that.

If this debate going to continue, I would hope that people would wait for Dream Theater’s newest album where Mike Mangini wrote all the drums. For sure I won’t compare them because I like them both and I’m a Dream Theater fan whoever their drummer is.

Mike Mangini Under A Glass Moon

Mike Mangini Outcry 

Mike Mangini Drum Solo 

Mike Portnoy Under A Glass Moon

Mike Portnoy Honor Thy Father 

Mike Portnoy Drum Solo 

Mike Portnoy – Mike Mangini Drum Battle

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